LouisvilleKY’s Norton Commons Adding Kentucky Wildflower Meadow and Community Gardens

New amenities slated for April completion

PROSPECT, Ky. (March 21, 2017)— Norton Commons, the growing new urbanist community in Prospect, today announced the addition of new amenities including a wildflower meadow as well as a community garden.

Both the community garden and the wildflower meadow will be located at Bergamot Drive and Chamberlain Lane, just west of the community’s amphitheater and lake. The three-acre wildflower meadow will incorporate species native to the state, and will include many of the varieties for which the community streets are named. The meadow will be in concert with nature and will enhance and attract pollinators, birds, and butterflies.

The community garden will consist of 32 4-by-10 foot raised beds.  The Norton Commons Neighborhood Association management staff and volunteers will oversee the garden, and plot leases have just begun among neighbors.  They are sold out except for one remaining bed.

norton commons

“The new green spaces will be both aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally beneficial,” said Marilyn Osborn Patterson, Marketing Director and Legal Counsel for Norton Commons.  “This is a collaborative project, and will bring together residents of all ages to share in the harvests of vegetables and herbs. It’s the next extension of our farm to fork initiatives that began two years ago, when we launched our farmers’ market.”

The new amenities will be part of over 160 acres of planned green and civic spaces, which currently consist of nature trails, a rose garden, three dog parks, a bocce court, a town center, playscapes, and picnic areas.

In May of 2017, the community will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the original design charrette where dozens of noted landscape architects and planners, like Andres Duany, the father of new urbanism, laid out initial plans for the 600-acre complete community in northeast Jefferson County.

About Norton Commons:

Norton Commons is Louisville’s first Traditional Neighborhood Development (“TND”).  Planned TNDs are the cornerstone of the new urbanism movement, which promotes the creation and restoration of diverse, walkable, and vibrant mixed-use communities assembled in an integrated fashion, resulting in a complete community.  Norton Commons sits on almost 600 acres in northeast Jefferson County, Kentucky and is currently home to over 1200 residences, 60+ businesses, 3 schools, and dozens of parks, pools, and green spaces. To learn more about Norton Commons, visit nortoncommons.com or on Twitter @nortoncommonsky