LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Serious Cartooning, Pot Dreams, Powerball Fantasies and 10-Minute Plays

This week's Pizza Club was at DiOrio's in St. Matthews

Welcome to the latest on Louisville, where you didn’t win the Powerball, but GE Appliances found a new buyer. And I learned from experts that Matt Bevin is easy to draw, and lampoon, and that he’s in favor of passing legislation on medical marijuana, just like his GOP brother Rand Paul.

Controversy Stirs With Race, and Guns, and Religion: So that’s where Courier-Journal cartoonist Marc Murphy gets the most inspiration. Find out what he did to get his face on a WANTED poster in rural Kentucky on the Rusty Satellite Show. 

Chinese Firm Agrees to Buy GE Appliances, and Louisville Officials are Thrilled: Read Mayor Greg Fischer’s remarks on the purchase by Haier’s, the name most likely to be misspelled in 2016.

The Tens An Evening of New Ten-Minute Plays Coffee Break by Tasha Gordon-Solmon (l -r) Mbali Guliwe, Tracey Green, Addison Williams, Amelia Windom Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2016 Photo by Bill Brymer
The Tens-An Evening of New Ten-Minute Plays
Coffee Break by Tasha Gordon-Solmon
(l-r) Mbali Guliwe, Tracey Green, Addison Williams, Amelia Windom. Actors Theatre of Louisville, 2016. Photo by Bill Brymer

When You’re Done, Quit:  That was my best advice for aspiring public speakers during my teaching days, and it came to mind while watching the Actors Theatre Apprentice Troupe perform 10-minute plays. The short plays draw you in, and while Luke and I may have had a hard time figuring some of them out, were entertaining. You can see it this weekend at the cool Victor Jory Theatre, upstairs.  I was especially impressed with actress Amber Windom.

The Path to Pot Legality in Kentucky: I talked with Mike Ward this week on Rusty. The former U.S. Congressman is leading efforts to legalize marijuana in the current legislative session. He says Matt Bevin’s on his side, and that there’s a chance. Find out more on Rusty and at his Legalize Kentucky Now web site.

GO TO Events This Weekend: Former WHAS-11 sports dude Adam Lefkoe is back in town for an event called Bourbon & Belles Friday from 6-9. Caroline Knop, Rusty’s favorite PR diva, is part of the entertainment at Vernon Lanes Saturday night in a benefit for the West End School, called WES-Aid. Go. Our friend at Ballotin Chocolate Whiskey are on board.

Rusty Alumni News:  Sports guy Lachlan McLean was back on the air at WHAS Radio this week. Angie Fenton announced on Facebook that she’s officially on Maternity Leave from WHAS TV to have baby Olive, due any day.

The St. Matthews Police are Out of Excuses: Now that some of the facts are coming in, it’s clear that the St. Matthews police department panicked Dec. 26, overstating the number of kids at the Mall, mis-labeling the event a “riot” and in an attempt to justify calling in scores of cops and the media, blamed a non-existent crime wave perpetrated by juveniles. WFPL reported this week that members of the St. Matthews City Council didn’t buy the story from its own police force.

A great Marc Murphy post on race in the C-J.

Say Hello to Hal Heiner: The former Metro Councilman, Mayoral and Gubernatorial candidate has a job in the Bevin administration, which apparently includes filling in for the Gov when he’s too busy to make speeches. You can hear Hal at the Jeffersontown Chamber Annual Meeting next Thursday.

Theresa Reno-Weber
Theresa Reno-Weber

Once More for Theresa Reno-Weber: The city’s Performance and Innovation chief give the Breakfast of Champions group details on how she’s using data to improve things like fire safety, inspection efficiency and parking.  The next Breakfast is in March, but watch his space for a special new event, Cocktails with Champions, coming in February.

Sure, I’ll Give you a Ride: Check out the rotating ads to the right on LouisvilleKY.com.  I’m driving people around for Lyft and Uber. If you need some extra cash, have a car and some free time, let me tell you how easy it is to become a driver. Or let me give you a free ride or two. Just click on the links.

Finally, Powerball. That Powerball thing sure was fun, right? Of course no one around here won, but at least you got all those folks at the office to go in together and fantasize about what you’d do with all that cash. Remember, though, that the best definition of the Lottery is “tax on the stupid.”