LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Lovin’ the Lovin’ Edition

Valentine’s Day may be the best excuse ever to do a story on the Kinky Habits of Louisvillians, and who else but LEO Weekly would ask the question — How Kinky is Louisville?  Turns out, not bad, and that the South End is home to the kinkiest folks in the city, according to LEO’s survey of sex shop, not sex, workers. (LEO Weekly)

Writing about the sex business is always tricky. I remember how excited I was that the editors at Business First allowed me to go do interviews for a story on strip clubs and strippers. I went to Deja Vu and talked with a very polite young woman about the business side of her job, and turned in what I thought was a pretty eye-opening piece. But the paper’s chiefs refused to assign a photographer to go there, and they decided, for no real reason that I learned, to drop the story. Maybe I should have peddled it to LEO.

Will LEO Go Harder?: Pardon the V-Day pun. If you listen to the Rusty Satellite Show this week, you’ll learn about Laura Snyder’s plans to do more serious journalism and hard news, now that she’s been promoted to publisher and gets to hire a new managing editor. She’s looking for someone with a hard news background and experience, which may be difficult to find. LEO’s offices at 607 West Main, by the way, are pretty great, just below street level.

2016-02-09 13.28.52Care for an Irish Whiskey Kiss? This week we did some planning for the March 2 Cocktails with Champions event, including a meeting at O’Shea’s with Tracie Kriete (pictured here) and Ballotin chief Paul Tuell. The fun part was sampling Ballotin’s four flavors and deciding on which drinks to serve at the big event, which will benefit Apron Inc.  Yes, we’ll serve Chocolate Car Bombs too. And the wonderful Danny Flanigan agreed to come and play some tunes.

The Heart Tribute: Best bet to excite your rock and roll-loving sweetie is to join me at the “Heart for Lungs” show at the Mercury Ballroom Saturday night. You may remember Meta’s Jeremy Johnson talking about this on Rusty a few weeks back. His sister, Carly, leads a talented group of musicians will be knocking out versions of “Heartless” and “Kick It Out.”

Speaking of ’80s Music: Picture This – Horseshoe-Southern-Indiana-tickets-Elizabeth/venue/180280″ target=”_blank”>Huey Lewis and the News is coming to Horseshoe this summer.

Valentine RingGood U of L News: Instead of listening to people whine about U of L’s postseason ban on talk radio, plan to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the 1986 team next weekend when the Cards play Duke. A member of that team, Robbie Valentine, is now an executive at the Yum! Center and is helping to organize the event. And you can meet Robbie at the March 8 Breakfast of Champions at the University Club.

Big Stories of the Week on LouisvilleKY.com: Check out the news Jackie is posting here on the site, including a plea from GLI, ex-Gov. Beshear’s attempts to block current Gov. Bevin’s health care plans, and some exciting Derby news regarding Thunder. And the Metro Council is all over Google Fiber. Check it out.

Jewish Films in Town: Finally, be sure to check out the Jewish Film Festival through March 1 at various sites around town. You can hear more about it with Eye Care Institute CEO Mark Prussian on the Rusty show.

Think Derby, Think Spring: Next week on the Rusty Show, I’ll be visiting with the new president of the Kentucky Derby Museum, Patrick Armstrong, and checking out the new version of that great panoramic movie.