LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK – Think Bourbon, Music, Lights

Forgive the bit of blurriness, but we are driving at idle speed, you know.

We made it to Friday with no local shootings, though some Valley High students got themselves in trouble vandalizing businesses and got caught with a BB gun. You can’t fix stupid. But there are lots of good going on here, some of which you’ll see here.

BBFProductsBourbon Gifts That Aren’t Actually Bourbon: You can hear about Matt Jamie’s business success story, the one he came up with while drinking beer at a Florida bar, on the Rusty Satellite Show. Go by the Bourbon Barrel Foods retail store, open less than a year, on Frankfort Avenue and get the goods.

Catching Rides at the Airport: Back in October, Skip Miller told me the Airport Authority was having trouble coming up with an agreement to allow Uber and Lyft drivers to pick up at the airport, though many did it anyway. This week the two sides announced a deal — riders pay an extra $2, and Uber/Lyft drivers have a new waiting area.

Allison’s New Job: expect things to get better in the relationship between JCPS and the media. The school system announced it has hired Jack Conway’s former chief of staff Allison Gardner Martin. Good move.

Can you Believe Jordan Smith is from Harlan County?: His home an eastern Kentucky town called Coldiron. His 15 minutes of fame on The Voice is just get started.

110215-rusty-2Danny Flanigan’s Chorus: Go see Danny Flanigan’s 25th anniversary show at Headliners Saturday for the bargain price of $10. And then Danny is part of the Jam for a Cure Jan 8, benefitting MS, with Greg Forsman. Hear all about that one on Rusty.

Your Friends and Trump: Paste “My Friends Who Like Donald Trump” into your Facebook search bar, and prepare for disappointment.  I had 85 so-called friends with whom I won’t be talking politics anytime soon.

U of L Official Blames Media for Latest Non-Scandal Issue: Proving that another U of L official doesn’t understand news coverage, this week Board Chair Larry Benz said:  “I think any time these things come out in the media there is inherent negativity bias around events.”  Details at Insider.

Jackie’s Family See the Light: Check out the Mega-Cavern review by Jackie Bentley on LouisvilleKY.com.

Buzz and Woody’s 20th: Can you believe Toy Story premiered 20 years ago? I watched a great special on Buzz and Woody’s creators on ABC last night, recalling how much I watched and shared the movie with my boys as they were growing up, and spent days singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” in the car.

And on Dec. 23 — I get my cast off. Merry Christmas indeed.