LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Bevin’s Twisted Logic, Politics and Podcasts

Lamar Jackson and the Cards are at Boston College Saturday
Yes, you can count me among those disappointed in all things political this season. This week, those of us paying attention were subjected to some jaw-dropping comments from our Governor, who said on Terry Meiners show that most of us who criticize Trump for all his boorish behavior with women are hypocrites. He said you shouldn't be knocking Trump for saying he grabs women in the crotch if you have read a racy book. Or played a certain video game. Don't take my word for it, here are his actual words: “The same hypocrites that are supposedly outraged and offended by this are the very same people that I guarantee you were first in line to go watch ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to see if it was as trashy as the book they’d read," he said, adding "They listen to rap music on their way home to go play ‘Grand Theft Auto’ with their kids . . . " So he thinks that regular citizens are hypocrites for criticizing a nominee for President of the United States for vulgar behavior if they choose to read an immensely popular book focused on sex. And Bevin, our own Trump Jr., thinks that listening to rap music...Read more