LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: The Worst Person in the ‘Ville, and Good Tidings

The Worst Person of the Week: The bad news is that many of us know people like this horrible woman at Jefferson Mall, whose tirade started because she suspected that a Latino woman cut in line before her at JCPenney. Reaction to the video has included outraged responses from Mayor Fischer and Congressman Yarmuth. And a lot of regular folks. That an old lady in a mall feels comfortable spewing racist remarks in public says a lot about what’s going on in our world. And that’s not good. So how about showing some kindness for the holidays, please.

Now Some Good News: Sure, you’re going to have to start paying tolls next week, but the end of construction on the East End Bridge (in my mind, even that would have been a better name than Lewis & Clark Bridge) will make a difference in the lives of a lot of folks, even if you find little reason to go to Utica, Ind.  If you’re still not convinced it’s a good thing, check out this Ohio River Bridges Project video.

Joy of Moisan: Getting to meet all these interesting people is what keeps me going through all these Rusty Satellite Shows — and Dave Moisan is a perfect example of why. Moisan brought a lot of energy to our interview at the Louisville.am studio, and it’s obvious that he loves what he’s doing. While national fame (from his appearance on NBC’s The Voice) might have changed him, he’s humble, seeing the opportunity as a way to promote his music and band. And, he’s still the best-known medical device salesman on the planet. Listen in below.

Steve Ulrich’s Passion: If any of you could turn a tragedy into a positive movement the way Steve Ulrich has, I’d want to have you on the show. Ulrich lost his son Nathan to suicide in 2002. Nathan was a student and basketball player at WKU, and his story is part of what makes it so effective when Steve talks to high school students about suicide, and the fact that 1 in 10 have a suicide plan. This is one of the most important interviews in Rusty Satellite Show history, so please take a listen and cherish those around you.

Also in the show, my reasoning behind not wanting a gift card from you.

Here’s the show:

Annie Pettry
Annie Pettry

Bravo for Annie:  Steve Coomes caught up with another local getting national attention. His EatDrinkTalk interview with Decca chef Annie Pettry highlights her appearance on Bravo’s Top Chef show, a must-see for foodies. You’ll also enjoy my interview with Chef Reed Johnson of Red Barn Kitchen, a Madisonville, Ky. native known for parking his big smoker in front of the Red Barn Kitchen. You’ll also enjoy hearing about Steve’s trip to Maker’s Mark’s new cave in Loretto, and why storing bourbon there will result in more and better product.

Listen in:

And mostly, enjoy the holiday and be nice. Let somebody in front of you in traffic. Buy that extra gift that shows you cared more about someone than to get a gift card at the checkout line. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while and let them know you’re thinking of them. And don’t be a jerk, like that woman at Jefferson Mall.