Louisville’s El Toro Helps Opposition Win in Guyana Election

Louisville, KY — El Toro IP targeting technology was a critical part of the campaign’s digital strategy.

Strategic digital targeting to an estimated 300,000 voters across the country in the 30 days leading up to the election identified as key to the campaign’s success. El Toro’s proprietary IP mapping and ad delivery to high value neighborhoods and specific locations impacted voter turnout in those areas.

El Toro's Stacy Griggs
El Toro’s Stacy Griggs

With the May 26th swearing in ceremony, David Granger became Guyana’s eighth executive president, ending the 23 year hold on power by the incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic ( PPP/C ). Granger’s five-party opposition coalition – Afro-Guyanese A Partnership for National Unity and the multiracial Alliance for Change ( APNU/AFC ) won the May 11th election 207,200 to the PPP/C’s 202,694 following one of the highest voter turnouts in the country’s history

According to Brad Goodman, a US based campaign consultant for the Granger campaign, two key campaign goals were identifying ways to circumvent the state run media to reach voters, especially the youth of Guyana, and overcoming the significant fundraising advantage of the incumbent party.

“I had previously used El Toro in a number of US elections and knew it was the type of tool that would make a difference in Guyana. By using El Toro, we were able to target voters on a granular level with the right messages at the right time. El Toro was a key part to the historic change of power in Guyana, something that had not happened since 1992.”

With 60% of the country using mobile devices, Stacy Griggs, the El Toro CEO and the El Toro team added digital buys on Facebook and mobile targeting to the overall campaign strategy. “We implemented a multi-layered campaign and delivered several million impressions to reach voters across the entire country. President Granger and his team were very digitally savvy and knew that online outreach, especially to the youth of Guyana, would be critical to winning the election.”

Ad Campaign Details
– Used http://www.UnitedGuyana.org and Facebook as landing pages.
– Drove >60,000 clicks from >32,000 unique visitors to their new website / Facebook page in 30 days.
– > ½ of the traffic was from mobile devices.
– 61% of web visitors were between 18-34.
– >8,000 likes on Facebook.
– Targeted approximately 300,000 voters with several million ad impressions in 30 days leading up to the election.
– 1.98% CTR across all platforms or roughly 22X the industry average for political campaigns.
– Targeted ads at IP ranges from high-value areas of the country along with specific locations.