Louisville’s Hal Heiner Pushes E-Verify in New Statewide Ad

from Hal Heiner campaign:

LOUISVILLE – Republican candidate Hal Heiner announced today his proposal to implement E-Verify in Kentucky, a measure to ensure that Kentucky jobs go to legal Kentucky workers. The E-Verify program allows employers to identify the immigration status of potential hires by checking names against government databases. E-Verify comes at no cost to employers. Heiner’s proposal would require the use of E-Verify to confirm legal worker status for all employers, government employees and government contractors and subcontractors.

“Washington continues to struggle to address illegal immigration”, Heiner said. “E-Verify is a simple, commonsense measure we can put in place at the state level to protect employment opportunities for Kentucky citizens and legal immigrants. It comes at no cost to employers, makes it easier for them to comply with existing employment law and rewards our current citizens and those who have immigrated to the US legally.”

Heiner’s support for E-Verify is part of a new television ad airing across Kentucky starting today.