Louisville’s Pendennis Club and the origin of Henry Bain Sauce

from Louisville Uncovered:

A southern meat sauce Legacy: Created over 150 years ago for the game prepared for members,, the Pendennis Club in Louisville Kentucky, bottled and released their famous Original Henry Bain sauce.

Copied by many, but not the original, I uncover the story about the beloved man behind the legacy!

“For over a century, Pendennis Club’s The Original Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce was only available to members and guests of the world renowned Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky. After decades of incomparable enjoyment, the Pendennis Club is pleased to share its signature sauce with the public. The release was picked up by such esteemed food media such as Tasting Table, Slashfoods, AOL, amongst many others!

“It occurred to us that we were holding a great man’s secret all to ourselves. His legacy lives on in the Club, and we pay tribute to him each day by using his recipe” said Campbell Ewen, Past-President of The Pendennis Club.

This fabulous sauce was the creation of the Club’s legendary Maître d’, Henry Bain (1863-1928), who was one of its first employees after the Club’s formation in 1881. He perfected this sauce to complement not only steaks but also local game animals. At this time it is fitting to remember and pay tribute to Henry Bain, the man.

Henry Bain Sauce began at the Pendennis Club
Henry Bain Sauce began at the Pendennis Club

“With the surge of southern food aficionados in the market, we saw an opportunity to share the one and only, original, Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce with the world”, reinforces Mr. Ewen, and makes the Pendennis Club Henry Bain’s Fa mous Sauce truly special and timely in it’s release.

What makes the Pendennis Club Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce the Original? Because this is Mr. Bain’s original and un- touched recipe, handed down through the Pendennis Club chefs for over 100 years. His sauce, his legacy and tradition lives on with this long awaited launch of the Pendennis Club Original Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce.” ~ Original copy by Cyndy Tandy, 2009

The Pendennis Club Original Henry Bain’s Famous Sauce is available through our esteemed partners
Paul’s Fruit Market Lotsa Pasta Butcher’s Best Online @ Taste of Kentucky Or by calling The Pendennis Club @ 502.584.4311