Make it Special, Louisville

A card probably won't do the trick

OK, the pressure is on. Valentine’s Day.  Get busy, cuz there’s a lot of other stuff going on. I’m with Claudia Coffey on this one — the electronic messaging is fine, for what it is. But alone it’s not getting you anywhere.

Live from Whitley City!: Tomorrow night, Karen Sypher will be on the air from the McCreary County Courthouse in Whitley City (Pop. 1,111, SAAA-LUTE). On a local radio station. Wonder what the time cost? She’s going to jail Friday, and this is the oddest, latest, lame attempt to avoid the orange jumpsuit. She says she’s finally going to reveal “astonishing and disturbing” new evidence.

Berman’s Fate: The JCPS School Board meets tonight, and member Linda Duncan says she’s going to ask the board to reconsider its ousting of Dr. Sheldon Berman. Prediction – not gonna happen.

Jocks in Jail: Michael Bush, following in fine Raider tradition, got himself arrested driving around Clark County drunk at 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Lyle Was Stylin: Last night, before his Kentucky Center show, Lyle Lovett did an on-camera interview with WHAS-TV’s Sherlene Shanklin. I hated missing that show.

Not Comfy For Readers: The C-J featured a gay couple (owners of the Comfy Cow ice cream shop) on the front page of its Features section the day before Valentine’s, which was a little too much for some of its conservative readership.  One wrote the C-J was “more interested in pushing an agenda than offering quality journalism to general public.”

Another NBA Step Closer:  Either you believe J.Bruce Miller is for real with this NBA talk, or you don’t.  Or think of it this way – If Oklahoma City can do it, why not Louisville.

Good News Grasshopper: I’m happy to report that our own April Perkins, the Eco-Diva, got herself a job as the new marketing director for Grasshoppers Distribution, a distributor of locally-produced meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits and cheeses. We’re fans of all of that.

Mountain Mania: We’ll have more on this later in the day, but today is “I Love Mountains” Day and protesters have been camped out in Gov. Beshear’s office all weekend getting ready.

Real Romance: Get ready to follow Brigid and David from engagement to altar right here on