Making 2012 Better Here on was born about a year ago, so it’s a good time to assess where we are and want to go from here. I might even make a resolution or two for the future. You’re welcome to chime in.

Keep it up in 2012

When I started the site, the idea was to make it an extension of what I was doing with a handful of loyal volunteer bloggers over at We had, for six months, reported news and given our opinion on stuff on that station’s web site, hoping to drive traffic and, ultimately, sponsorships.  Of course, in this mixed-up and moving media world, the station didn’t sell any sponsorships, and it was suggested I’d do better on my own.

Some 1,250 posts later, the site has gotten contributions from more than 50 people with points of view that have made readers smile, curse, laugh or, in good cases, post links.  Our writers are people I’ve known a long time, and people I’d never met.  Their interests are as varied as our city’s culture, and that variety is what I’m most proud of when I talk about the site. Thanks to everyone who posted here in our first year.

We’ve had people who have written professionally, and people who have tremendous angst because they’ve never put their words before a sizable audience. People have gotten fired up and suggested I drop certain writers, but I’ve never done so. Anybody with something to say, that somebody might find interesting, is welcome here. My instructions for new writers are always the same — make sure it relates to Louisville, and make it entertaining.

Your suggestions are always welcome for ways to improve the site. And here’s a link to our Facebook page.  Please Like us.

So here’s an invitation — if you think you’ve got something to stay, or want to write for an audience interested in what’s new in town, get in touch with me (rick@louisvilleky.c0m) and I’ll get you started.  There’s a lot to cover — just yesterday there was an optimistic announcement about the Bridges Project, and we will soon know the Governor’s decision on the hospital merger, and the legislature is going to take up gambling again, and there are always new restaurants, new events, new activities that all need to be covered. There’s plenty of room here for opinions about the Cards and Cats.

I think 2012 is going to be great here at, which has truly become the Pulse of the City.