Market Report – Interest Rates Declining, Homes Are Selling Quickly

No matter what happens with my condo in Clifton, I may be in the market soon to sell some stuff — including furniture, some kitchen gadgets and more. So I may take Bob Sokoler’s advice and offer up those items on Facebook Marketplace.

But Bob’s latest video is interesting in another way – thanks to lower interest rates, buyers are still hungry to make a move despite prices that are steadily climbing. It’s no longer unusual to see houses come on the market and have contracts within hours — I experienced it myself over the weekend. In one case, the listing agent came into the home I was showing a prospective client and told me that a contract had just been accepted on the home.

So if you’re in the market, it’s imperative to move quickly.

Back to Bob’s video — listen to the amazing story of a woman who sold more than $20,000 worth of items on Facebook Marketplace, and see the details of what’s happening with interest rates.

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