Mayor Fischer Launches Commission to Grow Local Film Economy

Commission will work to attract film opportunities to city

 LOUISVILLE, KY – Seeking to promote Louisville as a premier location for film, television, and new media production, Mayor Fischer announced today the creation of the Louisville Film Commission. The 17-person commission is made up of a diverse group of local film industry experts who will work with and advise Louisville Forward on establishing, marketing and promoting the city to the global film community.

Louisville Film Society“Louisville has a great depth of knowledge when it comes to the film economy,” Fischer said. “We have growing resources, and now with the new state incentives and the addition of the Louisville Film Commission, we truly can maximize our potential for opportunities in film and media.”

The commission will focus on two main areas – marketing and education. Efforts made through marketing will include recruitment, advancing the work of local artists, as well as partnering with visiting artists and community groups. The education component will focus on support and promotion of local film festivals as well as workforce and resource development.

“With Louisville’s central location, diverse urban and rural regional landscapes, affordability and streamlined business and permitting operations, we believe that Louisville has impressive options for all genres of creative media,” said Louisville Forward Chief Mary Ellen Wiederwohl. “By growing our image through film and media, we have the ability to attract global talent and new job opportunities.”

Stu Pollard of the Louisville Film Society

Louisville is home to major film festivals, including IF Film Festival and the Louisville International Film Festival. The city also has hosted major motion pictures and independent films. Louisville’s local film production industry has continued to grow with productions like ‘Pleased to Meet Me’ and ‘Where Hope Grows,’ both of which developed workforce with on-the-job training.

Earlier this year, Governor Beshear signed House Bill 340 into law, making the Commonwealth more competitive in attracting media production. The new bill already has helped create jobs, generate tax revenue and promote tourism. Qualified productions can now receive a refundable income tax credit of up to 30% of approved expenditures, or more, when using Kentucky residents for labor.

With these added incentives along with the commission, Louisville is strategically positioned to accommodate not only independent films, but also major motion picture productions.

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