Media Musings and Getting Out of the Dog Biz

Here’s a big shout-out to Terry Meiners, who allowed me to visit his 84WHAS Radio show yesterday and blabber on about the Governor’s decision to snub the President, whether Richie is going to help or hurt David Williams and he let me plug He even came up with a new theme song for the site, by Rick Bartlett, “Louisville  K Y”.

Belski Blog: Weather guy John Belski is back on WAVE, but not on the air. He will be doing a blog on the WAVE3 site, but mostly about folksy stuff related to weather.  Kevin Harned was promoting it yesterday. But WAVE, you need to make it easier to find. I spent 5 minutes and gave up.

Jude Redfield will join Fox41 tomorrow

The Weather Change: Fox in the Morning is pumping a big announcement tomorrow.  Jude Redfield, the weather guy I mentioned last week from Indianapolis, is making his debut. expect Marc Weinberg to move to evenings, replacing Paul Emmick.

Worth the Hype?: WLKY’s piece on JCPS revealed that a Florida school system with a comparable number of students spends about 2/3 of what JCPS does in salaries for administrators.  It was fun watching the system’s highly-paid H.R. director squirm on camera. Good TV. It’s too bad that, as a result of the story, nothing will happen.

Getting Out of the Dog Biz? The city has revamped its website for Animal Services (the Mayor announced sweeping changes at Metro Animal Services this morning) that will make it easier for citizens to adopt new pets and save them from the death chamber.  While it’s long overdue,  Fischer’s plan to fix MAS by contracting out many of its services seems a step in the right direction.

And the $1.5 Million: Count on this — despite all the happiness downtown about the Whiskey Row deal, Metro Council members will want to know some details before giving up $1.5 million on the deal.  I just can’t see some suburban district council members seeing it as a good use of funds.

Knock, Knock, Knock: Every local station sent a reporter out to a house in my neighborhood, 9910 Merioneth, to knock on the door of a house involved in a prostitution ring that got busted.  A shocking detail: “The women were forced to engage in sexual intercourse with 30 customers a day, 50 weeks a year.” That’s just hard to believe.

Dirty Dismas: If you didn’t already know that the execs at Dismas Charities were dirty, and involved in all sorts of unethical use of federal and state tax dollars, read Jonathan Meador’s piece in this week’s LEO.  Bad, bad guys.

Missing Marisela: The rumor mill has it that WAVE’s Marisela Burgos is moving on up — to Indianapolis.  Louisville becomes a two-year stop on the Puerto Rican’s resume. She will be missed.

Oh, That’s Next Week: The lead David Williams and Richie Farmer have in the GOP primary seems insurmountable, despite some gains being made by Phil Moffett. But the lead is still 47-21, a gap that seems pretty insurmountable.  So the Beshear vs. Williams, and Abramson vs. Farmer, battle will start in earnest soon.