Media’s Good Guys and Bad Guys and a Cat

Was it really that slow of a news day? WHAS-TV presented its viewers last night with a live shot of the breaking news of . . . wait for it. . . a cat stuck in a tree. Not kidding. The station made Mike Columbo go to the scene of the action, where he conducted a conversation about the amazing story with anchor Doug Proffitt, creating a dramatic story where there was none. Some dude came along later and got the cat.

WLKY's Fred Cowgill -- 25 years and counting

High-Fiving Fred: WLKY’s Fred Cowgill has been showing up at games, voicing over highlights and doing that silly little wave now for 25 years at the station, which is a pretty amazing streak of longevity.  How long is that? He started his job in the September AFTER U of L’s last national hoops title, and in 1986 Howard Schnellenberger was in his 2nd season as football coach. Congrats to Fred.

FOOTBALL:  Tomorrow night’s game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium won’t be close. The Cards, with Will Stein at QB, are a 30-point favorite over Murray. I have high hopes that my Hilltoppers can pull an upset, but it’s not likely improving WKU will threaten Joker Phillips’ Wildcats in Nashville. The big game for U of L is Sept. 17 at Lexington. If you tune in the Cards on radio, that’s former RB Tony Stallings on the air with Paul Rogers.

Game Over for Brohm: Looks like the once-promising NFL career of Brian Brohm is done.  The U of L great didn’t make the Buffalo Bills roster, and just signed with Las Vegas of the United Football League, as reported by WLKY.

Sorry, Vicki: I mentioned that Claudia Coffey was among the Voice-Tribune’s Best-Dressed winners yesterday, but didn’t point out another winner from the media — WLKY’s Vicki Dortch. WHAS-TV’s Matt Hobbs, who just left town, was among the men’s nominees. He didn’t win.

Bad and Worse:  Jerry Abramson and Richie Farmer are stealing the negative publicity spotlight in this Governor’s Race. Yesterday John David Dyche blasted Abramson in the C-J, listing his many shortcomings as Mayor. LEO wrote about a poll showing that Farmer’s favorability rating is dropping so fast that he’s hurting Democrat Robert Farmer, a candidate for Richie’s old job as Ag Commissioner. Meanwhile, a poll shows David Williams is getting even further behind Steve Beshear — to the tune of 27 points.

Good Guy Positive on 4th Street: It seems like NuLu developer Gill Holland can do no wrong. Yesterday WFPL reported on his support for the development of South 4th Street, where the Downtown Development Corp. has hopes of replacing wig shops and vacant storefronts with vibrant retail development.