Meet Louisville Area Author T. Lee Harris

Well, we’ve survived Thunder Over Louisville, and it’s officially derby season.  What’s that you say?  Derby festivities aren’t your thing?  Well, that’s practically heretical, ’round these here parts.

Perhaps you might redeem yourself, however, by explaining to the angry hordes that instead of hanging out at the Chow Wagon, you’d rather cuddle up with a good book by a local author.

(Okay, maybe the Chow Wagon’s not such a good example…who doesn’t like the Chow Wagon?)

Regardless, the latest author in the spotlight is Southern Indiana writer T. Lee Harris, author and artist.  Enjoy getting to know her, would you?

Author T. Lee Harris
Author T. Lee Harris

Welcome, T!  Tell us about your latest project.

My current project is finishing the first full novel in the Josh Katzen series, THE CASE OF THE MOCHE ROLEX. Josh has already made his appearance in several short stories including the electronic book, HANUKKAH GELT which was #1 in US library sales last December for my publisher,

Congratulations!  I know that character has been with you for many years.  I won’t say how many, but I know it was even before we met as part of the Southern Indiana Writers group.  That’s how several area authors know you, but where would Louisville & Southern Indiana readers know you from?

I think most local folks would know me from my work with the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group. I’ve been designing and helping to publish SIW’s Indian Creek Anthology Series for quite a while, We just released our 17th volume, FUTURE PERFECT: TENSE IN SPACE. I also compiled and designed GHOSTS: ON THE SQUARE AND ELSEWHERE, an anthology that was released as part of Corydon, Indianan’s 200th birthday celebration.

I’m also a frequent denizen of Author’s Row at the Howard Steamboat Chautauqua; Fandomfest in Louisville, KY; Magna cum Murder in Muncie, IN; ConText and MarCon in Columbus, OH to mention a few. Most recently, I participated in the opening of the Southern Indiana Council for the Arts’ Animals in Us exhibit where the Southern Indiana Writers’ Group did readings against the backdrop of a slide show of the cover and some artwork from our 13th anthology, BEASTLY TALES.

A project I want to highlight in particular is the anthology, SPEC THE HALLS. This is a collection of short stories with a sorta-kinda holiday theme. Sales of SPEC THE HALLS go directly to Heifer International. I love what these folks do and was honored to be asked to contribute a story to this book.

That does sound very interesting.  I particularly like the image of Santa in a rocket-powered sleigh.  

Who are some of your favorite writers from the local area?

Ooooh, that’s a hard one to come down on; there are so many good writers in this area. I think of Marian Allen, Michael Williams – of course the inestimable Red Tash – the list goes on. . . .

Ha!  I will take that!  Tell me about your favorite bookstores. What makes them special?

A couple of my favorites are Arlston’s in Corydon, IN and That Book Place in Madison, IN. Arlston’s is great not just because of the friendly atmosphere, but they go out of their way to showcase local writers, artists and craftspeople. That Book Place (Yeah, that’s really the name of the store.) is another friendly place. They stock both used and new books and the owner, Frank Hall, is a big supporter of local authors and small publishers — and what’s not to like about a bookstore in a quonset hut? I mean, really!

Both those stores are new to me.  Sounds like two wonderful day-trip destinations!  I confess I had to Google “Quonset hut,” but now that I know what one looks like, I agree–that is a most unique locale!  Also, I’m fairly sure that after seeing the use of one in a movie recently, my children requested I locate such a “hut” for our new family home.  😉

Behold!  The (possible) new headquarters for the Local Author Spotlight!

T, what’s next on the writing slate?

After I finish MOCHE ROLEX, my 2010 NaNoWriMo project is next on the agenda. That will be a full-length novel in my ancient Egyptian mystery series featuring the scribe, Sitehuti and Nefer-Djenou-Bastet, the temple cat who has adopted him. This is actually a two-part project. There’s also a compilation of Huti and Neffi short stories in the works that will be an accompaniment to the novel. This project should be especially fun because I get to make some of my faux fresco not-so-ancient Egyptian paintings for the covers. I’m looking forward to that!

Artwork by T Lee Harris
Artwork by T Lee Harris


Artwork by T Lee Harris
Artwork by T Lee Harris


T, as always, thanks for your time, your humor, and your inspiration!  You are truly a unique artist and writer, and I hope our neighbors in the Louisville area will get to know your work.

Check out more from T at her website

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