Mid-City Mall Gets a First Class Boost – A Post Office in Valu Market

"A book of stamps and some Kentucky Proud veggies to go, please!

I had just purchased a birthday gift for my mom at Carmichael’s Books and was rushing to the Highland Ave. USPS branch with my beautifully wrapped package and card scrawled in daughterly verse, only to find the doors locked.


Oh, those early Saturday hours. I would have to haul it out to St. Matthews or go with a UPS Store. Right?


But wait…didn’t I just see the customer service area at my Highlands Valu Market decked out with the USPS eagle? Of course! I had forgotten there was a newly installed, full service post office at the Mid City Mall just blocks away.


I commandeered Dora the Ford explorer south on Baxter. Time was of the essence as Mom lives near Lake Cumberland in Russell County and her big day was April 12. No time to dilly-dally as this adult child would not fail to be prompt. Last year’s present was a tribute article in Kentucky Living magazine and that deadline was easy to meet on the internet. Although she did not appreciate me publishing her age. That’s what you get for teaching us math.

Just because I was two weeks late arriving into the world doesn’t mean my mother’s birthday presents should also be overdue.

Meanwhile, back to Valu Market….

One of my favorite neighborhood businesses, the Highlands VM was bustling with spring shoppers on a sunny day that followed a superflux thunderstorm just hours before. Baskets and flats of flowers and plants were thriving out front. Neighborhood peeps milled about in conversation and shopping while some guilty pleasure 70s music flowed through the P.A.


The woman who usually sells lottery tickets and assists with LG&E bill payment was now my cheery postal worker. She chose the best deal Priority Mail envelope for my gift and lent me a pen for printing the address and a few obligatory x’s and o’s.

Under five minutes and five dollars later, I was out the door. Had I needed a quart of milk, a growler of ale or some fried chicken from the deli, I was in the right place.


So next time you find yourself mailing an exceptionally creative letter to Mitch McConnell—on the back of one of his very personal form responses—or even a sweet natured card or gift, and you want to ensure speedy delivery, drop in to your new USPS stations at all city locations of Valu Market.


Kudos to USPS and Valu Market. Happy Birthday, Mom!