Miss Kentucky Katie George Comes Home Without The Crown



Miss Kentucky Katie George, who also happens to be University of Louisville’s volleyball captain, was a guest on The Rusty Satellite Show, shortly after winning the Miss Kentucky crown. Here’s a link to Rick Redding’s January 29th episode:  http://rustysatelliteshow.com/multitasking-with-holly-houston-katie-george-on-winning-a-beauty-pageant/

Louisville, Ky., – Katie George won the first pageant she had ever entered, which happened to be the Miss Kentucky USA competition. The University of Louisville Volleyball standout entered her second-ever competition this week. That happened to be the Miss USA pageant Sunday night.

Katie George

Unfortunately, she didn’t win. She had made it all the way to the top 15 contestants, and later, fans voted her to the top 11 before eventually leaving the stage.

Oklahoma’s Olivia Jordan was eventually crown Miss USA.