Mm, Mm GREAT! SoupByCycle

Ian Ritchie delivers soup by bicycle
SoupByCycle’s Ian Ritchie is a Souperman, delivering by bike.

I just subscribed for weekly soup delivery at SoupByCycle online. It’s just one more way to keep Louisville weird and support local food, slow food, real food delivered by bicycle. I’ve had a chance to sample some of Ian Ritchie’s souper creations, but I’m just now getting around to finally subscribing to his soup delivery service. It’s easy to sign up at SoupByCycle . You get an invoice with a variety of options for payment with a credit card.

Known around town as “the soup bicycle guy,” Ritchie, a Cincinnati native, has paid his dues for two decades in a wide variety of restaurant kitchens. Now he prepares gallons of gourmet soups, like vegan peanut stew, baba ghanoush, and Kentucky bison chili, and then delivers to area homes and businesses. Ritchie loads his soup on an 8-ft. cargo trailer and pulls it behind a “Big Dummy” cargo bike.

You may have read about his recent mishap, when an inattentive motorist rear-ended his rig. Ritchie briefly suspended business while his back healed. And he now has a new cargo bike to replace the one damaged in the crash.

Check back here for updates and photos about my soup-subscription experience. I can’t wait for the first delivery.

Grace. Peace. Bicycle Grease.

PS: Remember, every lane is a bike lane. Share the road.

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Enjoy the ride home.
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