Monday’s Morning TV Review of the Weekend

We knew Monday would come, but it’s seems especially unwelcome after the time change and all that Breeders’ Cup fun. The reality is that we’ve got an election tomorrow that no one seems to care about, and if our out-of-town guests paid attention to the local news, well, it wasn’t all that impressive. Except for. . .

By land of by sea, across the Ohio

The CarBoat Guy: WHAS-TV found Dr. Steven Filardo, a cardiologist, making his way across the Ohio in his car/boat contraption.  His vehicle goes shore-t0-shore in four minutes. Ingenious.

Constable Confusion: Didn’t you just know when you heard that loony constable David Whitlock was involved in a shooting incident at a Wal-mart, that it would turn into an ongoing drama? Check out Ed Springston’s assessment of Whitlock here.  Of course, Whitlock’s story doesn’t check out, and the woman he shot as a shoplifting suspect has a long arrest record and a dubious story of her own.

Good Football News:  U of L’s football team, once a laughing stock that lost games to Florida International and Marshall, is in position to win the Big East after a 38-35 upset of hated West Virginia Saturday. QB Teddy Bridgewater is the national Freshman of the Week. Charlie Strong was so happy he crowd-surfed the locker room.   Speaking of FIU, Western beat ’em for its 5th straight win Saturday. The term “bowl-eligible” made its first appearance in the same sentence as “WKU.”

Reed and Ben’s Excellent Adventure: WHAS meteorologists Ben Pine and Reed Yadon started, and finished, the New York City Marathon over the weekend.

Shannon’s new Best Buddy: Former mayoral candidate, Mint Jubilee chair and one-time contributor Shannon White has a new job. She’s been named state director for Best Buddies:  a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Good for her.

Was that Terry Meiners on the CBS Sunday Morning show?: Yes.  The D.J. found a tie to wear for an interview about how our city has a reputation for being a tough place to get a good night’s sleep. The cause — maybe UPS, maybe THE BRIGE, maybe high rates of unemployment and divorce.

Remembering Ange: Only during sweeps would WHAS-TV dig up Ange Humphrey. She was the original host of a local show called PM Magazine. Doug Proffitt has her story tonight at 6.

Monica’s Return: WLKY-TV’s Monica Hardin is back on the air after maternity leave.

Al Smith’s Book:  You probably remember Al Smith as the host of Comment on Kentucky, but his life story is an amazing journey in journalism, with a side road on the path of alcoholism.  Smith will talk about it an event on Friday, and you can read about the book here.

And Another Book Plug: Last week I heard John Belski, in an appearance on Joe Elliott’s radio show, talking about his life in retirement. He volunteers, even driving people on the shuttle at the hospital near his home in southern Indiana. He’s also touting his new book, “Backyard Weather Folklore.” If you order it, he personally picks up the order at his PO box and packages it, and is glad to autograph it. All the proceeds go to charity.  It’s $15, and includes some 1,600 tips.

And on TV today: John Boel is making an appearance on WHAS-TV’s Great Day Live!