More Winter, More Absurdity from Richie and Others

Weather Forecaster Extraordinaire

It’s Groundhog Day, which always serves to remind us of the great Bill Murray movie and how most of us would really like to have a few days back to live over again. And the weather. I don’t know how Kevin Harned talked WAVE-TV management into it, but he and John Belski are up in Puxsatawny, Pa. this morning for the big party at Gobbler’s Knob with Phil, the groundhog. And the verdict is. . . .


Harned and Belski, the station claims, are the first local meteorologists to cover the festivities up there, which seems to be quite a station expense considering WAVE is ever-present (with Janelle MacDonald and meteorologist Lauren Jones) at the Super Bowl in Indy (sorry, no travel budget for

And for the next stupid human trick from Richie Farmer: The former Ag Commissioner and UK hoops star thought he’d just run down to the unemployment office and sign up for benefits since he no longer has a job. Really, he can’t be this stupid. Uh, Richie, getting voted out of office doesn’t entitle you to $415 a week. Holding back snickers, Crit Luallen told the C-J:  “You couldn’t possibly claim that it was circumstances beyond your control that caused you to end up in that situation.” Duh.

Local Angle Search at Super Bowl: Here’s something of a local connections to the Super Bowl that’s not Deion Branch — a GE commercial that will air on the Super Bowl broadcast that includes a snippet from Appliance Park.

The Ark Joke’s on Us: Thanks to LEO Weekly for keeping us updated on the humor and absurdity of Kentucky’s Ark Park, a bad idea fully supported by Gov. Steve Beshear with state tax incentives and $11.1 million in road improvements,  a move made more remarkable by his inaction in regard to ghostly Kentucky Kingdom (see below).  LEO’s quotes Ken Ham, the Park’s CEO, saying the timing of the opening of the Park depends on God’s timing.

Kingdom Coming? I’m still a skeptic when it comes to the opening of Kentucky Kingdom, as long as state government is in charge, but Insider Louisville reports that there are ongoing talks between Holiday World ownership and the state, and that Galt House chief Mary Mosely is willing to ante up to make it happen. But the piece reveals that the real issue that doomed the deal with Ed Hart was the objections of State Rep. Larry Clark, who should be in line for public criticism for standing in the way of getting the park open.