Morning Moonwatch

For me, it wasn’t so much the snow last night but the moon this morning! As I posted earlier on Facebook:

I know the moon is a great big hulkin’ ball of cheese and craters but this morning, in the beauty of that frigid, delicate turquoise/white sunrise, I see a gentle winter face glancing down.

Had I known, as that deep purple sky and its fast-moving clouds at dawn were about to reveal a Waning Gibbous Moon, I would’ve run out into the snow with a camera.

The winter skies over Louisville have been wild for the last 24 hours–hanging low and dark on Thursday, heavy with the promise of snow, a white veil stitched with tiny flakes by rush hour and the red and blue shades of dawn caught small clouds scurrying past the Victorian rooftops in my front window by dawn.

The sun is high and our sky is that winter hardwired blue! It’s frickin’ cold. Perhaps the only thing the weather forecasters can predict with some accuracy. Nothing is melting but the butter on my waffles.

If you don’t know by now, especially if you’ve found me on Facebook in the last couple of years, I’m a big watcher of the weather and its impact on the people and landscape in my immediate environment or wherever I log in.

No matter where I roam, my dwelling must have windows for  optimal views of the street and the sky. So, continued reports from Edgeland Avenue will appear on this page.

How and where is your sky this morning?