Morning Motivational on Monday

Dick Wilson and I can’t figure out how many years we’ve been doing the Breakfast of Champions, but it’s somewhere between five and eight years. We’re guessing.

GLI’s Kent Oyler speaks at the last Breakfast of Champions for 2014.

We finished our 2014 series yesterday, with GLI president and former Rusty Satellite Show guest Kent Oyler giving the group a positive message about the future of the region’s efforts to attract and retain jobs. We had around 50 people there.

I was asked why we don’t do more to promote it, to get bigger crowds. Dick and I both said the same thing – because we don’t want a hundred people there. From the start, it’s been about attracting people who want to get up and get going on a Monday morning, who want to fill their brain with valuable info about their city and their belly with a nice breakfast. Our most difficult decision was moving the start time back a half hour a few years back to make it easier for some to attend.

In other words, if you make it a little bit difficult, by hosting it early Monday morning on the second Monday of odd-numbered months, you know the people who show up are motivated to be there. It makes for a lively morning. It’s not for everybody.

Below, you can see pictures of the ghosts we’ve had over the years, courtesy of our partner Katie Gaughan, with its movers and shakers from politics, sports and the arts and business.

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