My Father’s Day News Break

At the Truckus Ruckus, Mozza Pi was cooking up pies

You’re right, I’ve been slacking a bit.

No excuses. And there’s a pile of stuff to write about, including some video coming to the site very soon about Saturday’s successful Food Truckus Ruckus down at Fresh Start Growers Supply. Hundreds of people showed up, smiling and laughing, for a parking lot party with entertainment from Leigh Ann Yost. The lines for food stretched dozens deep at every offering, from the vegan dishes at Morel’s to cheese sandwiches at Lil Cheezers to my favorite, Mozza Pi pizza.

Later we went to the Fleur de Lis art show out at Chubby Ray’s in Jeffersontown. Chubby Ray, a Jtown City Councilman, said the crowd of more than 400 would have been bigger, but the early morning storms kept some away.  Still, the parking lot was filled with vendors, a mini-Gaslight Festival. There was a guy with a guitar, good food and even Mayor Bill Dieruf showed up.

For Father’s Day, on Sunday, I was determined to catch some of the Rory McIlory show at the U.S. Open.  He’s the next big thing in golf, and it’s amazing how he’s so much more popular than the last big thing in the game, Tiger Woods. And there was to be no choking yesterday. But first my 13-year-old son Luke served me up some breakfast, my 21-year-0ld son Nick called from Washington, and we met 20-year-old Josh at Tony Boombozz for lunch with my Mom and Vicki, my girlfriend. Later I threw some baseballs to Luke, and Vicki helped us plant a little garden on my balcony.

On Sunday night, we went to one of the city’s lesser-known but much loved weekly parties, the Willow Park concert series sponsored by PVA Tony Lindauer.  Blair Carmen and the Belleview Boys were cranking out songs everyone knew from Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis, and folks of every age and attire couldn’t keep themselves off the dance floor.

So it was Father’s Day, and I wasn’t thinking much about Judy Green’s problems or Ohio River bridges or stupid people who shoot 12-year-olds for ringing doorbells. I’ll get back to all that right away.