Bomb Drop: My Morning Jacket to Headline Forecastle Fest X

Perhaps the biggest evidence yet that 2012 may very well be the ‘end of days’ came from the live Forecastle Fest X press conference held this morning, and specifically, the cataclysmically awesome, planet-aligning announcement that the Louisville-native turned bonafide superstar rockers My Morning Jacket would not only be headlining the festival, but helping to ‘curate’ the event as well.

McKnight and Capps bring out the big guns

Yes, in hindsight we might have guessed, given that just a few days back Forecastle Fest posted, “The day is coming,” on their Facebook page, (A lyric/song title from MMJ‘s critically acclaimed 2011 album ‘Circuital’) but with his surprise introduction of MMJ frontman Jim James alongside drummer Pat Hallahan, Forecastle mastermind JK McKnight served to further solidify his festival’s now internationally-renound status as just an organic extension of the original intent to celebrate the city he loves and provide people with a truly, “cathartic experience.” Indeed, it was our very own Rock n’ Roll Mayor Greg Fischer, a former concert promoter himself, who may have put it best this morning, saying of the aforementioned ‘catharsis’, “you have to go through a process to see yourself in a bigger way than you had before.” And so, for all those ready for the Derby City and its music scene to finally hit the main-stage, “The day is coming.”

LtoR: Dude in cool hat, Forecastle founder JK McKnight, Ashley Capps and Mayor Greg Fischer.

Also joining the discussion this morning was Ashley Capps of AC Entertainment, the man behind Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Festival and many others, whose now infamous partnership with McKnight has served to officially cement Forecastle’s ten-year rise from grass roots anonymity to hard-rocking juggernaut. Capps made no hesitation at professing his newfound love of Louisville and its, “tremendous creative energy,” alongside the creative energy of his new business partner JK McKnight of course, to whom he gave all the credit for the festival’s past success, as well as the surprisingly quick sell through which he himself came to be captivated by both the event and the city. Capp went on to announce that a limited number of weekend passes would go on sale this Friday (January 27th) at noon, for an introductory price of $100. Other announcements included the reveal of special after-parties to be held on the Belle of Louisville and other locations, and the promise of a full festival lineup (purported to include more than 75 bands) in 4-6 weeks, at which point festival day-passes will also go on sale.

Surprise guests: the luxuriously-maned Jim James, drummer Pat Hallahan and yes, cool hat guy again.

Those as yet uninitiated with the genre-bending stylings of My Morning Jacket and the iconically laid-back genius of Jim James would do well to stop reading now and check out any of the band’s six, progressively enthralling albums. And for the many more already familiar with what the fuss is all about, yes, these guys were just as charming as ever, with James joking of today’s surprise introduction, “we’re just hurt it took JK so long to ask us.” James and Hallahan went on to describe how the partnership came to a natural fruition, with McKnight being a longtime friend and Capps a recurrent organizer of MMJ performances at Bonnaroo and elsewhere, and likewise noted their admiration for and commitment to the expanded goal/imperative to demonstrate the best of what Louisville has to offer, with regard to the impending global-reaching platform set to draw as many as 40,000 attendees. The duo only hinted at the band’s expanded involvement as ‘curators’, and what other revelations McKnight and company might yet have in-store, but did leave things with one final bit of humor, saying with a snicker,”Three words: Christmas in July.”

Forecastle Festival X and My Morning Jacket are set to knock off your musical socks July 13-15th, at Louisville’s Waterfront Park.

More info via Forecastle‘s website.

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