Napa changes ownership, to become Osteria Italian Seafood

Here’s the main headline: Napa is changing owners, and a new concept will debut by summer’s end.

Actually it has been only six months since Craft Culture Concepts, the restaurant group that took over Napa Valley Grill in 2020, launched a rebranding campaign.

Napa sheds “River Grill” and redecorates for a new menu

Interestingly, a cursory browsing of the internet reveals a variety of ongoing aliases for this long-standing restaurant located at 1211 Herr Lane in Graymoor/Devondale: Napa Valley Grill, NAPA, Napa at Westport Village, and Napa Louisville (among others).

Apparently Craft Culture Concepts found the rebranding problematic, but for Louisvillians, “Napa” pretty much always said it all, anyway, except it won’t for very much longer, because all this uncertainty over identity is about to be conclusively resolved.

Jared Fox Matthews, emerging food and drink “mogul” of St. Matthews, is taking over Napa today (Tuesday, May 30) and installing a new concept: Osteria Italian Seafood.

In Italian, “osteria” translates as tavern. The restaurant will continue to do business as Napa for two to three months while the...Read more