Nathan Halsey

Nathan Halsey

Nathan Halsey Streamlines E-Commerce Solutions for Louisville Businesses

Nathan Halsey can now provide Louisville Small Business Market Opportunities in China.

Louisville, Kentucky, is home to UPS Worldport, a fascinating facility that handles around 2 million packages per day. Nathan Halsey, the CEO of YuShop Global, a Dallas, TX based firm,  has introduced a Cross-border e-commerce solution through WeChat that integrates with UPS hubs in the United States and China. Through the use of mobile and e-commerce applications, small and medium-sized businesses gain access to Chinese consumers.

Since China’s web-based consumer market is ranked the largest globally, the need for expanded package handling is burgeoning. Consumers in China demand US products as well as convenient access to shop from mobile devices. UPS Worldport and Chinese air hubs meet e-commerce businesses’ needs by providing automation and mobile integrations with WeChat.

Since 1999, UPS has continued to grow its package handling hub in Louisville. Having expanded to 4 million square feet, the facility can handle over 300,000 packages per hour. The demand for US-based products in China increased as leaders in the country agreed to purchase around $200B of services and goods from the United States. The strategic move led to a decrease in tariffs on exports from China, which has bolstered interest among businesses in the US to enter the market overseas.

Chinese UPS Air Hubs

In 1998 UPS was established in China. Since then, UPS has provided two air hubs in Shenzhen and Shanghai that handle 200 weekly flights. In addition to UPS hubs, there are over 200 operating facilities in the country. Furthermore, UPS offers mobile service capabilities and e-commerce solutions tailored to meet the needs of young consumers.

WeChat is essentially a social media platform and payment processor created by Tencent, a Chinese corporation that markets tech products and services. The mobile app is the top-ranked platform in the country, which is home to 1.3 billion people. WeChat users employ the app for activities like chatting with family,  text messaging, and making payments on the go. Over 1 billion people use the app in China.

Louisville Small Business Apps in China

Nathan Halsey kioskYuShop CEO Nathan Halsey introduced 6SixtyMadison App, a marketplace designed to function within WeChat. Because China has the largest market of e-commerce users globally, solutions such as WeChat are necessary for multinational corporations that conduct business inside and outside the mainland. Between UPS Worldport and UPS Hubs in China, consumers in China can continue to enjoy seamless shopping experiences using the country’s leading social platform and while on travel.

Louisville small businesses are not the only ones finding opportunities to ship US products through UPS hubs due to WeChat payment processing. Companies such as American Eagle, Fendi, and Macy’s use WeChat to accept payments in the United States. Discovering how to sell U.S.-based products in China has been a challenge for some smaller companies. However, Nathan Halsey has provided an excellent opportunity for US businesses to conduct sales transactions through a streamlined platform. Trending reports indicate that Chinese customers seek out American products, including luxury goods. Through the 6SixtyMadison App, consumers can discover luxury brands and more while engaging in an interactive shopping experience.