National Anti-Mitch McConnell ad campaign launches in Louisville

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Pro-life group Personhood USA has launched a nationwide campaign centered in Louisville, Kentucky calling out Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for his role in funding abortion giant Planned Parenthood.

The new campaign ads include billboards that state “247,755 Taxpayer Funded Abortions Since Mitch Became Majority Leader” and “#ObamasWallet.” Along with this new campaign, Personhood USA is developing plans with their grassroots volunteers to keep the new Speaker of the House aware that Republicans and conservative voters do not want even one dollar of funding directed to Planned Parenthood.

Jennifer Mason, Personhood USA Spokesperson: “By funding Planned Parenthood, Senator McConnell has made every American taxpayer an unwilling accomplice to the largest abortion provider in the world. In bankrolling Planned Parenthood, we are funding all of their business practices – and it has to stop. It is time for do-nothing politicians, who have used our money to fund President Obama’s agenda, to step down.”  

McConnell ad

The advertising outreach of the campaign, which is rolling out now, is expected to reach hundreds of thousands in the state of Kentucky and millions more nationwide.

“Pro-life voters expect Republican officials to take action, and so far we’ve been deeply disappointed. No more excuses, no more delays, we need people in office who will get things done,” continued Mason.

Planned Parenthood’s annual report documents a devastating 327,653 abortions annually. The number 247,755 is a conservative estimate reached by calculating the number of abortions committed at Planned Parenthood since McConnell became the Majority Leader in the Senate on January 3 of this year.

Personhood USA is the largest grassroots pro-life organization in the country. Dedicated to protecting every innocent person by love and by law, Personhood USA strives to educate the nation with the truth about abortion.