New Judge Series Has Local Connection

Judge Gunn straightens out drug offenders

You might not have tuned in lately to WKYI-TV. That’s channel 24, or 138 on Insight.  In the past, the station has aired some local programming, like shows featuring Wayne Perkey, Bob Valvano and those View-like women who produced “View from the Ville.” I didn’t see any of those shows either.

But the station has cleared a new show with a local connection that’s worth tuning in, called “Last Shot with Judge Gunn.” It airs weeknights at 8, and is produced by Matt Battaglia, the former U of L football All-American turned actor turned big-time Hollywood producer. Battaglia is a co-founder, along with brothers Chris and Tom Thieneman, of the Mint Jubille Derby Eve gala that benefits cancer-related causes.

His new show isn’t your average courtroom drama, because it has an impactful message beyond the stories of offenders stealing their girlfriend’s cars. Judge Gunn deals with drug offenders. In her Arkansas drug court, she boasts to have straightened out 93 percent of the offenders in her court.

From Battaglia’s description: Judge Gunn defies easy description: she rides a Harley-Davidson, she was the first female auto mechanic at Sears, she drives a tractor on her farm, she’s a chef, she knits, and she’s an avid coin collector.   But most importantly, she can tell in an instant when somebody is trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

It’s on at 8 p.m. weeknights starting next week.