New Liquor Freezing Technology To Be Produced In Louisville

Louisville, Ky., – Beyond Zero and Winston Industries Announces an Exclusive Partnership to showcase a new, disruptive technology – an icemaker that freezes liquor.  This is the world’s first self-contained machine that enables users to make liquor ice cubes to cool drinks, eliminating the need for drink-diluting ice.  The technology makes any cocktail colder, smoother and stronger, while enhancing the flavor notes of both wine and spirits.  This landmark partnership will solve key industry challenges such as “watered down drinks” and “portion control” while sparking true industry innovation with an entirely new category of drinking — In The Rocks!

Every 20 to 30 years technology evolves and new categories of drinking are created. The Beyond Zero Ice Maker will redefine the spirits industry. Beyond Zero’s President and Inventor Jason Sherman stated, “The machine gives customers what they demand, a superior drink.  It allows anyone to create signature cocktails, a key component to increase profits at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, casinos and other venues where alcohol is consumed.  It’s a win for everyone when you don’t water it down!”

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“Beyond Zero has created a new class of drinking and we are now part of introducing a new revolution for beverage enthusiasts just like we have done in years past with new classes of cooking.  We are excited about this new venture and the opportunities that exist alongside Beyond Zero.  Our goal is to revolutionize the consumer beverage experience on a global level, “said Valerie Shelton, CEO of Winston Industries.

The machine will be mass-produced in Louisville, Kentucky by Winston Industries. The partnership calls for building a Single Serving Maker, Storage Device to inventory multiple flavors of cubes and a Fully Automatic Machine that makes, stores and dispenses the liquor cubes.

Beyond Zero is based in Louisville, KY. Founded by Jason Sherman, the focus for Beyond Zero is creating ice machines that elevate the beverage experience.  The company is concentrating its initial product line on the wine, spirits and beer industry with plans for a residential appliance version in the future.   Also, in the pipeline is a revolutionary ice machine for the non-alcohol beverage industry that will tackle the health, water waste and energy consumption issues that plague existing icemakers. To learn more about Beyond Zero, visit or email

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