New Slogan: Kentucky, the Charlie Sheen of Commonwealths

Painful enough watching UK, but at this angle? PHOTO: thomasbeisner

Thanks, Shelly: On Monday, Sheldon Berman spared us all some drama by telling the school board to save its breath on saving his job, he’s ready to move on. So that’s that.  Note to those who pushed him out – be careful what you wish for. The diversity vs. student achievement problem won’t be solved by a new chief.

Kentucky Greedy Festival: Last night Mike Berry pulled out the best he had in his P.R. basket to try to justify charging people to watch a free fireworks show in a public park. And the media ate it up. Berry whined about the unruly crowds and security, and how much money the Festival loses every year, and how awful it would be if they couldn’t charge admission and the show didn’t go on. He actually got Councilman Brent Ackerson to suggest maybe the Council could come up with some money to pay for security. Bad idea, Brent. Worse idea, Mike.

Those crazy Creation Museum people: Remember, we’re giving tax breaks to them for their little anti-science amusement park. They don’t like anybody who’s different than they are.  They think humans walked around with dinosaurs. And don’t show up at a “charity” event without a member of the opposite sex. Great story in LEO.

Tiny Meth Lab? Since when does a single one-liter bottle constitute a meth lab, as the C-J shouted in its “Meth Lab found at Bullitt Judicial Center” headline? In Frankfort, don’t expect any action on the over-reaching legislation that would keep you from buying cold medicine without a prescription.  The opposition, Step Meth, Not Meds, has been spending some marketing money.

From any angle, they’re not that good: Last night, ESPN picked UK’s game with Mississippi State to experiment with a very high camera angle throughout much of the game.  Fans, especially the UK variety, didn’t like it. One sports site called it “one of the most horrendous ideas in sports television…”  The Cats – they played like crap but managed a 6-point win.

Bankruptcy News for Borders: No, Borders isn’t closing its three local stores…yet. But the Ann Arbor company filed bankruptcy papers and must find a sustainable business model in the next several months.

Before You Complain About the Federal Government: Read Paul Begala’s piece in The Daily Beast detailing what a drain Kentucky is on the federal budget. Kentucky is to America, you see, what rural backwater counties are to Louisville – a fiscal drain. As Begala put it: Kentuckians are addicted to federal spending—they’re the Lindsay Lohan of states, the Charlie Sheen of commonwealths.

Strippers in Sellersburg: Not on our watch, says the Indiana town’s council, freaked out by news that Louisville dancers might move up the road to a town where there are NO strip clubs. They write a new law anyway, proclaiming dancers must “prove they have good moral character” and that they keep a license visible “at all times.” Frank Mascagni, would you please go up there and sue these people just for being so stupid?