New study says LouisvilleKY singles don’t like kids

Study: New York and Vegas top studies of best and worst cities for singles who want kids

Louisville, KY., – Apparently if you’re single and have children, Louisville may not be the best place to find new love. A new study by a national singles group doesn’t paint Louisville in a positive light when it comes to raising children. In fact, the study by EliteSingles places Louisville just behind Las Vegas and Charlotte as US cities with “Least Child-friendly Singles”.

New York ranks first as having the most singles who said “yes” to raising kids. Around 1 in 5 in Sin City revealed they had no desire for children, whilst only 1 in 10 gave a firm ‘no thanks’ in the Big Apple.

US Cities With Most Child-friendly Singles: US Cities With Least Child-friendly Singles
1.       New York 1.   Las Vegas
2.       Los Angeles 2.   Charlotte
3.       San Francisco 3.   Louisville
4.       Boston 4.   Phoenix
5.       Washington DC 5.   Memphis

The large-scale data analysis evaluated the responses of over 42000 members of EliteSingles based in America’s 30 biggest cities. It will surprise some to find the most populous cities in the US feature right at the top of the list – New York was home to the broodiest singles, LA the second-most. It comes as little surprise to the EliteSingles Research Team however; a similar study in France found that Paris was the most child-friendly city for singles to live. In Sweden, capital city Stockholm was second on the list.

One possible explanation for this trend is that the bigger cities are home to a slightly younger demographic. Still of an age where having kids is a possibility, and not yet a reality, singles here are more likely to be open-minded for the future. The older you get – as having kids becomes trickier, or when you’re more likely to have already had kids – singles are more inclined to be turned off by the prospect.

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The study found that – at either end of the spectrum – women tended to be more certain if they wanted kids or not. In Las Vegas, for example, 21.6% said they didn’t want kids compared to just 13.7% of men. In New York women were driving up the averages too – 56.5% actively wanted kids compared to just 47.6% of men.

Looking for a man who wants a baby? Check out the singles scene in Nashville, but be sure to avoid Memphis. Weirdly, men in the Tennessee’s two biggest cities had totally opposite views of future fatherhood; 51.9% of Nashville guys want a baby – the highest rate for men nationally – whereas 17.7% of Memphis men actively didn’t want a child, also the highest rate in the US.

Not sure if you want children or not? Consider a move to Oklahoma City. Almost half (47.1%) of the city’s singles hadn’t yet made up their mind whether they wanted kids or not – easily the highest rate for any of the cities polled.