Next Up For Me, and Alpha

Come see the Ford Fusion #9 at the Car Show

I just finished my first week on the job as Marketing Director for Alpha Energy Solutions, so I guess it’s time to let the readers of this blog in on changes in my life and how they’ll affect what you read here.  This is my 583rd post since we started things up at We’ve recruited 59 contributors, who have offered up some good reading and insights on what makes life interesting in my hometown.  We’ve built a good audience and I’m proud of every post.

The site will continue, even though my contributions will be less frequent. Oh, I’m still interested in who’s winning the sweeps, what’s going on in local media and politics, and what bonehead move Richie Farmer does next.  So to all you sources, please continue getting in touch with tips. And I hope to invite more writers to contribute their opinions here, so if you’ve got something to say, get in touch with me.

Alpha, my new employer, is a great company. We are based in Riverport, and provide maintenance for buildings in a lot of the places that make the city work. I’ve been amazed at the volume and quality of our business customers.  Alpha has operations in six states. In my first week, I learned details about our presence at the Fairgrounds and met with partners at Kentucky Speedway. My job is to make sure you know about this logo and that it stands for quality and professional service.

Oh, yes, Alpha president Joe Rhodes has a son, Ben, who just turned 15 and is an aspiring race car driver and exemplary young man. That’s a picture of his car, which he’ll be driving very soon in UARA-sanctioned races.

This weekend I’ll be at our booth at the Carl Casper Auto Show at the Fairgrounds, where we will be encouraging fans to “Like” our Facebook pages — for Ben Rhodes and Alpha Energy.  Here’s an incentive for you to do so — we will be holding a drawing among Facebook fans of both for tickets to the June 30 race at Kentucky Speedway.  And you’ll be able to follow some of the exciting things coming up in the next several months.