Nightmares Ahead!

It’s a worse case scenario for Louisville and Southern Indiana commuters! Saturday Night we sat in heavy traffic on I-71 as we headed to town. The planned work (on the Waterson to downtown section of I-71) had been planned. The Sherman Minton Bridge closure will add to commuter miseries! It’s a sign of the nightmare we’re all about to face.

Now is the time for Political leaders to step up and call for business leaders and management to get together and formulate an emergency plan. Staggered schedules may be a possibility for some, working from home may be an option for others.


At least the work on I-71 was continuing into the night, but I have to ask, didn’t they just pave that section of roadway recently. Aren’t they doing this backwards? The equipment needed to tear up the concrete junctions in the overpass appears to be heavy enough to destroy parts of the new pavement.

Does it seam strange to anyone that the cracks in the bridge hadn’t been found until Friday night? Weren’t there regular inspections of the Sherman Minton as well as the Kennedy and 2nd street bridge? Why wasn’t the crack (or part of it) found before. You have to ask the question… how safe are the other bridges?

Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor   7 years ago, and co-owner of The Medley Sokoler Team in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob, his Team by clicking Louisville Real Estate.