No CATS fans in the ‘Ville? Maybe not at Freedom Hall…

As I sat down to watch the big UK v.UL matchup this year, I wondered what it will be like to have the (BBN) Big Blue Nation seated firmly in the YUM! Center in coming years.

And after this week’s pitiful BBN turnout at Freedom Hall to watch the Cats play Arkansas, my thoughts again turn to the YUM! Center.

I may not have the politics down like our own Rick Redding, but I do have a few opinions ( imagine that) on why only 14,000+ Cats fans showed for the UK v. ULAR game the other night.

CATS @ Freedom Hall?


Could it be that there are no Cats fans in the ‘Ville?


What about the ticket price? Too high?

Nah. Google the cost of a lower tier FB seat for KY v. BAMA plus a blue pass …we will even pay to lose.

Perhaps we are arena snobs?  ( and yes, I know Rupp isn’t the Taj mahal either)

Well, maybe.

For the Cats to have Jay Z and Ashley Judd on the sidelines one day only to be resigned to the aging, deteriorating, pitiful, arena as Freedom Hall the next is like having the Great Pitino and Cards Team go play at Louisville Gardens.


The last time I was in Freedom Hall, it was heir apparent that the place is on the run down, good for the fair and expo events, but terribly ignored by the dollars needed for upgrades.

I knew there were UK tickets available, and passed on going, even to see the beloved #2 Wildcats play a “cupcake” game, in my own backyard.

And like most die hard kentucky Fans,  you know that I will go to great lengths to get close tailgate parking and seats for Cats Football at Commonwealth Stadium for my daughter and I, even if we know we are going to get beaten by the likes of the Florida Gators.

Its not just the game to a Cats fan, its the whole experience, at least for my family.

I passed,  not because of ticket price, time, distance, but because of venue.

I wonder how many others did the same thing?