No, Jason, a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area (DORA) can’t enhance walkability when there isn’t any to begin with

In fairness, and in most significant respects, living in New Albany is not the same as living in the Soviet Union of old. However, there is one prominent similarity. During the Brezhnev period of stagnation in the USSR, sentient Soviet citizens learned to parse the regime’s propaganda by dismissing it as 100% false until proven otherwise.

Bits and pieces might ultimately be factual, but most of it was self-serving drivel. This is an extremely useful mechanism to deploy in Jeff Gahan’s top-down New Albany, where just about anything the ruling clique says is gibberish, although as if by accident, periodic nuggets of truth are seen to be gleaming in the bed pan.

Such is the case with the city’s haste to emulate New Orleans and Copenhagen by encouraging open air consumption of alcoholic beverages, forgetting as always that we cannot be what ...Read more