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Welcome back from your weekend. Did you watch, and cry, as 21-year-old Rory McIlory choked at the Masters? He had a one-shot lead on the tee at #10, and proceeded to hit his tee shot in a place no one’s ever reached, up by some cabins. He then proceeded to blow any chance with a 7, followed by a series of missed putts, and finished tied for 15th. Meanwhile, Tiger proved mortal in missing a series of short putts after getting a share of the lead on Sunday, and some guy from South Africa I’d never heard of until Saturday, Charl Schwartzel, won.

There’s an ongoing media controversy, too. A female reporter from New Jersey, Tara Sullivan, is now famous because some Augusta goons wouldn’t let her in the locker room to interview McIlroy.  She tweeted this: “Bad enough no women members at Augusta. But not allowing me to join writers in locker room interview is just wrong.”

Yes, golf hangs on to tradition, usually with no good reason, especially in its treatment of women and minorities.


Last week we had both our biggest traffic day and biggest traffic week here at the “Pulse of the City”. Thanks for paying attention. More from the weekend:

Pledging Away: Louisville Public Media is begging for money again. It hopes to net $650K, up from its previous goal of $500K.  I’m going down there to volunteer tomorrow morning, so call then. It’s a crucial time for public radio, given the efforts by GOP politicians to take funding away, and ads for the pledge drive have mentioned that they’re preparing for a day when there’s no federal support.

And while public radio is undoubtedly providing some fine journalism, it’s OK to question why, as I did a few weeks ago on Joe Elliott’s commercial radio show, why it has to be supported with tax dollars. Funding provided by those ads disguised as announcements and pledge drives seem to be bringing in plenty of money.

Check out the feature on the drive in the Courier, which is a good story even though it got John Timmons’ name wrong. Oops.

Get on the D-Train: At Slugger Field yesterday, I saw former National League Rookie of the Year Dontrelle Willis mow down a bunch of Mud Hens in the Bats’ 5-1 win.  Willis, who’s entertaining and glad to be here, is a good interview, too. (Fox41). The boys are home tonight and Tuesday against Columbus.

Wednesday Special: New on, I got to write about Waterfront Wednesday, which will crank up later this month.

Trouble on the Water: I missed giving credit to WAVE-TVThursday, when it had the best coverage of a situation in which hoodlums took over at Waterfront Park after a Bats game.  A man was beaten, and spring break-inspired teens nearly caused a riot.

Someone else against Paying for Quarter-Pounders with Food Stamps:  The Community Farm Alliance says Yum’s push would just give those without healthy food choices another unhealthy option for eating.

John Gilderbloom featured in the Sunday C-J.

Gilderbloom’s Pad: U of L professor John Gilderbloom, who’s been in the news frequently as an expert on the subject of the homeless, was featured in Sunday’s C-J. He’s a good friend, and his Painted Lady residence is truly a remarkable place. But I wonder if anybody at the paper noticed what’s going on in the artwork over John’s  left shoulder in the photo.