Nostalgic opens today: “Comfort food through childhood classics”

There are a great many moving parts to be gleaned as the debut of Nostalgic Cocktail House + Restaurant arrives on Valentine’s Day.

The Courier Journal’s Dahlia Ghabour has authored what I consider as the definitive preview of Nostalgic, and you are encouraged to visit the newspaper’s site and read it: Naive owner opens upscale Nostalgic bar, chophouse in this Louisville neighborhood.

In the meantime, following is a brief bullet list of pertinent factoids drawn from her coverage.

  • Nostalgic is located at 1306 Bardstown Road in the Highlands. The owner is Catherine MacDowall (founder of Naive), and executive chef is Drew Corman (also of Naive).
  • Nostalgic can be considered the Bellwether Hotel’s house restaurant and bar, as the two are connected to each other inside, with separate egress outside, although there is no common ownership.
  • Nostalgic’s raison d’être is precisely that: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, with “upscale versions of the most nostalgic foods (and drinks) from your childhood.” As an example, potato skins encrusted with caviar.
  • The dinner menu reflects more traditional chophouse fare, including ribeye, smothered pork chop, penne pasta—but not to omit an upscale version...Read more