Occupy Louisville Protesters Arrested During Demonstration

Five members of Occupy Louisville were arrested today during a demonstration staged outside of a Chase Bank branch in the Highlands neighborhood of Louisville. LMPD is offering very limited comments as of yet, but there was reportedly a hearing scheduled for 6:00pm this evening.

Occupy Louisville attorney Chris Harrell is now saying, “Judge Holton has already released 5 protestors on their own recognizance.”

All five of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, while two of them were also charged with third-degree assault and resisting arrest.

An official statement posted earlier via Occupy Louisville’s Facebook page says, “5 members of Occupy Louisville are currently being held by the LMPD on patently false charges which include disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, menacing, and assaulting police officers,” and promised the release of footage clearly showing what it termed to be unprovoked assault by the LMPD upon participants of the rally.

Drawing a couple dozen protesters, the organization announced today’s rally earlier this week, explaining that Chase was to blame for many of the foreclosures in the Louisville area. The demonstration took place at 1:oopm this afternoon at the Highlands Chase.

Photo via Mikal Forbush, twitter.com/dreadmalik.

Curtis Morrison of Louisville Courant has the following videos of the event:

Additionally, head over to a WHAS11 article here offering startling footage of the events outside the bank, as featured on their 6:30pm newscast.

WHAS is reporting that events first escalated when Metro Police physically prevented Occupiers from entering Chase premises and that officers had previously escorted several Chase employees to their vehicles.

The Courier Journal quotes Occupy Louisville spokesman Lark Phillips as saying, “this is believed to be the first time Occupy Louisville participants have been arrested at an organized event since forming last October,” and reports that officers were called to the bank branch around 1:30pm on complaints that the rally was blocking the entrance of the establishment.

A brief police statement asserts that upon their arrival at the Highlands Chase, that Metro Police was informed by bank management that non-patrons had been attempting to protest inside the bank itself.

WFPL previously quoted Occupy Louisville spokeswoman Robin Moody as saying of the financial institution:

“they’ve been the main offenders in so many communities with illegal mortgages and then illegal foreclosures also so yes there is national action against chase bank through the occupy movement and others as well just people who are tired of being jerked around and treated improperly.”

More photos from the rally posted by Mikal Forbush:

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