Officials Trying to Make Buying a Drink Legal in Oldham County

The Oldham County Chamber of Commerce is leading an effort to expand packaged alcohol sales in Oldham County.

More than 30,000 Oldham County registered voters received a postcard petition asking for their support of a special election calling for expanded alcohol sales in Oldham County. The petition recipients are instructed to sign the petition card as their name appears with the Board of Elections and send it back to the Chamber.

bourbon“It is necessary the recipient of the card sign their name,” said Deana Epperly Karem, executive director of the Oldham Chamber & Economic Development organization. “The Oldham County Clerk will verify the signatures and compare it to the voter registration list provided by the Kentucky Board of Elections.”

The Oldham Chamber decided to lead the charge on a special election because many parts of Oldham County have already passed an expanded alcohol law. In July, 2012 the City of La Grange voted to expand alcohol sales in the City limits. As a result, various retail outlets can now sell beer and wine. The new law has also created about $280,000 in new revenue for the City.

“Having a unified approach to managing the sale of alcohol creates synergies across the County and helps to make Oldham County more attractive for new business and tourism opportunities,” said Karem.

“This initiative is about keeping disposable income within the boundaries of Oldham County, “ said Scott Whitehouse, chairman of the Committee for expanded Alcohol Sales. “Folks are going to other communities to buy adult beverages. Having the option to make those purchases within Oldham County keeps dollars local, creates new jobs and supports new business.”

In 2003, the Oldham County Chamber of Commerce championed the passage of limited sale of alcoholic beverages in Oldham County. This helped to facilitate a number of new restaurant venues.

The Chamber needs to receive about 6,000 completed postcards to be successful in requesting Oldham County Fiscal Court hold a special election by August 1, 2015. The postage is pre-paid so returning it is simple. Voters can also drop them off in a special box provided at the branches of the Oldham County Library.

For more information, voters are asked to visit or contact the Chamber staff at 222-1635.