Oh, To Be A Kid Again!

I marked the time at 4:00pm Wednesday of Spring Break week. I had just come home from work and my eleven year old met me at the back door.
“I’m bored.”

I begin rolling suggestions off my tongue that he could do with his two hours before dinner.

Basketball – it’s nice outside.

Practice soccer toe taps just like the Coach asked.

Ride your bike.

Take the dog for a walk.

Finish the book you were reading.

Start the book your sister bought you for your birthday.

We can take a hike at Black Acre.

Play something on the computer.

See if the neighbor kid wants to play.

Mow the lawn for your dad.

None of these worked. Suddenly the thought of having to go through this every day this summer sent chills through my body. I have signed my kids up for a few camps but maybe not enough?

I anticipated this “Tween Time” in their lives. I thought I could get through summer without every minute scheduled. They need a break from our scheduled lives but now I’m wondering?

Maybe everyone with a Tween has this problem? Our kids are too young to be employed, too old for some kinds of day camps. I Googled the Courier Journal Summer Camp Guide and found many camps I’d like to attend! Oh to be a kid again!

I applaud the CJ for helping parents out with this comprehensive guide.