Oops! WHAS-TV Texts: Fail

Oopsie: Since I’m signed up for text alerts from all the stations, my phone tends to go crazy during weather events. But this one from WHAS-TV was pretty unusual:

We regret WHAS11 is suspending snow closing texts due to technical problems. We apologize for the inconvenience. Go to whas11.com for complete closings.

I got it Thursday night. It’s not just an inconvenience, though, as the station had sold an ad sponsorship to Big O Tires for its snow closing alerts, as evidenced by the one I got Thursday at 10:30 a.m. announcing JCPS’ early school closings.  Obviously, it’s not a good thing to have a technology failure when people are counting on the alerts from WHAS. I suspect plenty of WHAS-TV fans switched to other stations for alerts.

Scoop – Trader Joe’s Coming: Business First is reporting mysteriously that “several sources” have confirmed that a Trader Joe’s is coming to Shelbyville Road Plaza.  Despite denials it got from the chain itself and from the leasing agent, the paper went with the story based on unnamed sources.  Kind of a risky move for the buttoned-up folks over there. A Facebook group called “Bring Trader Joe’s to Louisville” has 2,108 members.  They’re rejoicing.  It’s a pretty cool chain.

This lady is headed straight into the drink

Watch out for that Fountain: Watch this ABC News interview with the lady who fell into the fountain while she was texting (says, of course, that she was texting somebody at church).  They were doing calls on this on WAVE’s 725 Live show today.  She is, of course, contemplating legal action.

Smoking Debate: Amazing that we still have people running for office in Kentucky who say things like this:  “If you don’t want to work in a restaurant that allows smoking, then go get a job somewhere else.” That’s Phil Moffett, debating with David Williams at a Ky. Press Association event today over the issue of a statewide smoking ban. Williams supports the ban.

Hard Sell: I’m having trouble imagining that 900 people in Kentucky will want to pay $44 so they can have this license plate, can you?

If You Can’t Afford to Feed your Dog: Then you must have some bigger problems. A new Pet Food Bank opens tomorrow at 6th and Zane for people who need to get some dog food, sponsored by the No-Kill Louisville group and Councilman David James.

Happy Birthday to: Carolyn Tandy, wife of the Metro Councilman who works in John Yarmuth’s office, and C-J arts reporter Elizabeth Kramer.