Opportunity to get New York’s Cheek’d

This could be one of those “I wish I’d thought of that” moments.

Worth checking out

Lori Cheek is from Taylorsville, went to UK and lives in New York, and is apparently home for Thanksgiving. And while she’s here, she’s holding a party to see if locals will go for her new concept in dating — Cheek’d.

It goes something like this. You see a handsome stranger, but don’t have the nerve to walk up and start a conversation. So you slide him a card with a message like — “Don’t let me end up a spinster.” The card has instructions on how to check you out online. And if there’s magic there, voila, a connection is made.

Cheek is getting plenty of attention form her business in New York, and has generated some buzz here — a mention in the C-J, a guest spot on Great Day! Live. Here’s how she explained to an interviewer her inspiration:

A few years ago, I was at dinner with a guy friend of mine. I had excused myself to make a phone call and when I returned, he had written on the back of his business card, “want to have dinner?” and handed it to a woman at an adjacent table as he and I were leaving the restaurant. There was an immediate light bulb above my head. Two years later, I launched Cheekd.com– It’s like online dating, in reverse and the flirtation is performed via a business card sized introduction minus the personal details.

The party is tonight at the Garage Bar on East Market.  You sign up on the Cheek’d web site.