Optimizing My Self with Heuser Health; Part 1

As a lifelong athlete, I'm aware that my recent lack of exercise, coupled with an unhealthy diet, has caused some adverse affects on my overall health. I've gained weight, of course, but also started to feel a little sluggish, and I get out of breath easy when I do move, and I feel my midsection growing with every bite of pizza. This week marks the start of the end of all that. [caption id="attachment_25458" align="alignright" width="300"] healthy choices at Kroger[/caption] I'm working with my friends at Heuser Health to get better - starting with diet and exercise, some vitamins and hormone replacement therapy. My enthusiastic leader on this journey is Peggy Heuser, APRN, who spent a few hours with me this week explaining what has happened and what we're going to do. I'm beyond excited about it. First, the bad news. My lab work came back and indicated that I have a mild case of Type 2 diabetes. Rather than treat it with medicine, Peggy believes it can be managed with a strict diet and exercise. I attended the first exercise class at Heuser's facility in the Mellwood Arts Center Friday, and plan to go three times per week. The bad news, Part 2,...Read more