Overweight and Out-of-Shape: NOT Louisville’s Finest Hour!

Kentucky Upset about their weight!

Upsetting to many- REALLY?

Some how I’m not convinced enough people are upset, or I should say, upset enough. It always amazes me if people want something bad enough the excuses fly out the window real fast!

“Many experts believe poverty and obesity are linked. Kentucky ranks fifth in poverty….

Poverty, poor people can walk, can’t they? Rich or poor is no excuse for laziness, it’s just that simple! We all have hang ups in losing weight TRUTH OR CONSEQUNCES?, but when you get to the core issue it comes down to laziness and self worth.

Top 10 Fattest States- Nothing to be proud of!

Kentucky Tips the Scales!

What upsets me even more is the fact that Louisville takes pride (what ever form of pride that is) in saying they are on the cutting edge of medicine. Well, maybe so but not from physically healthy stand point, so where is the disconnect? If the medical community was so good at what they do here, then why are we in the top ten in EVER category? Oh, I have an opinion on this one, and it’s not pretty. Go HERE

The report found obesity rates did not decrease in a single state in the last year. Four states, including West Virginia and Tennessee, have rates of more than 30-percent!

So, what’s the remedy? It’s obvious that the epidemic is so far out of control the medical community couldn’t keep up if they wanted to. Here is my take on what needs to happen.. read more …ARE YOU WORTHY?