What to Pack for a Deer Hunting Excursion

Deer are found throughout the United States and, as a result, they are among the most popular game for both new and veteran hunters alike. Of course, as with any sport, hunting takes a lot of practice to become proficient at, and the first few excursions are often challenging for beginners. Even those who have practiced with firearms before will now have to contend with moving, living, targets. Unlike the stationary targets found at shooting ranges, the animals that hunters pursue will be capable of thinking and reacting to the hunter.

Not only will new hunters have to develop their hunting techniques, they will also need to work out exactly what it is that they need to bring with them on their excursion. Working this out is often as much of a learning curve as the act of hunting itself. In fact, the two skills are intimately entwined. Without the proper equipment, pursuing and hunting game becomes that bit harder. However, it is also true that no amount of equipment is going to be able to compensate for a hunter who doesn’t really know what they are doing.
For this article, we have compiled a list of the essential items to pack for any deer hunting excursion. These items will ensure that your hunt is as simple and straightforward as possible and that you and your group are prepared for any possible eventuality.

Flashlight, Lighter, and Matches

All of these items are essential, each one can provide you with light in an emergency (remember to pack some spare batteries), although obviously, the flashlight will be the most effective. If you are camping out, then having a lighter and matches on hand will allow you to start a fire to keep warm, as well as giving you a way of heating or cooking food. A lighter also makes for an excellent wind indicator, something which will help you a great deal when making a shot over a long range.

Safety Belt and Harness

In order to hunt deer to your full potential, you will need to learn to embrace unconventional techniques. Climbing a sturdy tree is an excellent way of securing an unbeatable vantage point, from up there you will be able to see more and shoot more. While climbing trees is something that many of us did as children, it can also be dangerous, especially when you’re carrying a bunch of heavy equipment. All it takes is one fall and landing at an awkward angle to break a bone and immobilize yourself. A safety belt and harness will allow you to climb up into the canopy in safety and to take full advantage of your elevated position.


A handgun is an important hunting tool. While it is nowhere near as effective as the rifle as a primary hunting weapon, it is unparalleled as a sidearm. A handgun is best used to finish off wounded prey without having to sacrifice ammo for your primary firearm. Check out the Woodbury Outfitters store for some great deals on handguns.

Making sure that you are adequately prepared for a deer hunting excursion by packing the right equipment will make the whole experience much more enjoyable. There is nothing worse than getting out in the field, only to realize that you are missing vital equipment.