Passport: Slow Progress, but Progress

The link below takes you to a letter from the interim CEO of Passport Health Care, Mark Carter, to the state auditor, outlining the steps he’s taken to get the troubled agency back on track after a scathing audit last fall. Carter, I know, is doing his best. The job, however, is monumental.

Mark Carter, interim CEO of Passport

There have been personnel changes — at least the two VPs with the caviar tastes, who took resort vacations, spent lavishly on meals and ordered limos on company expense, were finally fired. They got rid of chairman and CEO Larry Cook. No longer is money being wasted on lobbying. I found it interesting that in the section on transparency, Passport (as University HealthCare) is continuing a legal fight with the Courier-Journal over open meetings.  From the document:

UHC is involved in litigation with the Courier Journal to resolve this issue and the Attorney General opinion is not binding pending the outcome of the litigation. The Board of UHC believes it is entitled to due process related to this matter and at the present time intends to see the litigation through to its conclusion. The Board will not use Medicaid funds to pursue this litigation (instead the Board will use cash generated from its Medicare Advantage program and from its unrestricted reserves and income on reserves for this purpose).

Hard to figure why they’re still involved in a legal fight with the newspaper.

You can read the highlights of today’s report here, but I can tell you that it’s tough sledding for the uninitiated. Which is why, even though millions of dollars are at stake, you won’t get it if you just watch TV news.

Despite the complicated jargon, whoever wrote Passport’s response didn’t know the difference between its and it’s, as you’ll see if you open the link below.

Letter to Crit Luallen from Carter and Wagner re Progress rep_1