Pat’s Steak House — F&D’s restaurant profile

<div>Pat’s Steak House — F&D’s restaurant profile</div>
(from left) Manager Erin Gosney, Owner Patrick Francis, GM Michele Francis, Chef Danny Pound, Manager Walt Dries and GM Hank Wolf.

Pat’s Steak House | 2437 Brownsboro Rd. | 502.893.2062

(This story originally appeared in the Spring 2023 print issue.)

A Family Affair Since 1958

The distinctive Z-shaped sign shines shamrock green as motorists whoosh by on lower Brownsboro Road every evening, a landmark in the Clifton Heights neighborhood since 1958.

The building on which the sign is mounted, a former coach house that provided a stop-off for travelers in the 1800s heading west from Cincinnati, with its green and white motif, beckons still to hungry people traveling by.

But unlike a coach stop that was founded to cater to traveling passersby, Pat’s Steakhouse is perhaps the ultimate mainstay in the city when it comes to dining and tradition, with many of its regulars having been circling back to the unique restaurant for decades. Pat Francis, the affable, do-it-all owner, began working part-time at the restaurant when he was 11, back when the eatery was known as Min’s Steak...Read more