Pet Lovers Festival


A can’t miss for pet lovers.

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The Zenergy "Festival of Wellness for Pets and People"

The Zenergy “Festival of Wellness for Pets and People” is an event that is a tribute to the love and energy that people put into their pets and the love and energy that pets give back to their people.

This festival focuses on introducing you to services that balance, heal, support and integrate pets and humans on all levels.

Benefits of Care for Pet and Pet Parent

The purpose of the festival is to help you in creating a balanced lifestyle for you and your pet!

There is an energy share between person and pet. Many pet owners recognize this connection to their pet and see the pets actions and or symptoms can be a manifestation of the persons concerns. For best results both can be supported with safe and non-invasive Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) services and products.

At this festival you will be introduced to many products and services – at discounted prices. A great opportunity to try something new.

Vendor List – these products and services are for pets and people:



Holistic Vet


Pet/people pharmacy

Amethyst biomat & tinctures/salves/herbs


Water filtration

Air filtration


Non-profit rescues/services

Demos – cooking, pet first aid, clicker training your dog, K9 search & reunite, and more throughout the weekend.

Benefits of Team Work

If you are looking for an activity for your pet to participate in, such as agility, you will also receive the benefits of increased activity as you work with your pet, run the course with them and act as a team. To give and get the most from agility dogs and your own agility, it is best to provide excellent health care, using several modalities including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, well balanced food etc. The agility pet parent needs to follow the same regimen so that they can remain healthy and to keep up with their active dog.

Benefits for Rescue Pets and Parents

Much time and compassion is needed to nurture a rescue animal who may be suffering physically and emotionally. Sometimes it’s nothing less than a miracle when a rescued pet is able to trust a human again. The whole process, including the letting go of the pet, can be emotional for pet and pet foster parent.

The vendors here will all be able to support you and your pet at any and every level in this process.

Join me along with pet and people lovers this weekend at the Festival of Wellness for Pets and People!

Saturday and Sunday, January 29-30 at the Paw Zone in Louisville (corner of Spring and Mellwood – across from the Moby Dick). Hours are 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday.

$5 to get in, $3 if you bring a donation to the pet food bank. Children under 13 and pets get free admission! Animals are welcome!

Coordinator for the Festival: Letha Cupp, Creative Pet Projects, llc

Zenergy Animal Human Energy Connection

Talk and Touch

Pet Business Network of Kentuckiana