Pick Up a New Hobby at the How-To Festival May 11


Louisville-free-public-library-how-to-festivalThis Mother’s Day weekend take a break from pink carnations and greeting cards to do something a little different: picking up a fascinating new hobby at the Louisville Free Public Library’s (LFPL) second annual How-To Festival.

On Saturday, May 11th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., over 1000 people are expected to gather at Louisville’s Main Library on 301 York Street. In 5 hours over 50 engaging presentations will commence throughout the building and outdoor tents.

From baking bread to magic tricks, square dancing to raising chickens in your backyard, there’s something for everyone. Admission is completely free for all the classes, exercises and demonstrations. There will be live music playing in the auditorium to go along with the day’s fun interactive learning.

Here is just a taste of the events that will be running:

  • How to Get Started with Mindfulness Meditation
  • How to Design Amazing Memorable Business Cards
  • How to Write a Song
  • How to Ask for the Raise You Deserve
  • How to Grow the Hottest Peppers in Your Neighborhood
  • How ‘Office Yoga’ Can Help You Through Your Workday
  • How to Get Started Sailing
  • How to Cartoon
  • How to Create Original Silk Scarves
  • How to Create Hand-Made Greeting Cards
  • How to Cut Your Energy Use, Costs and Carbon Footprint
  • How to Decorate Perfect Cupcakes
  • How to Bike Cross Country
  • How to Train Your Dog
  • How to Take Better Family and Vacation Photos
  • How to Make Sushi

You can find the full list soon at the How-To Festival’s website.

Last year’s debut festival was a huge success. One visitor said “My mom and I spent the day at the ‘How-To’ festival, and had a BLAST! I really believe a library’s role in the community is to expand the world of the people who live there, and this event embodied and fulfilled that purpose wonderfully.” Another visitor called it “a smorgasbord of adventure.”

This year’s festival is shaping up to be bigger and better than last year’s. With a terrific mix of generous and talented community members sharing their knowledge and skills, it’s hard to go wrong with this fun, energetic event.